Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hello February!

Hello February! Time does flies aren’t? I really need to update a piece of word here but I need to encounter a lot of major distractions. A normal human being, my life started as early as 6am to 7pm, repeating same methods, same behaviors and most of all same creatures. I understand the fact, no change on it though!

Do you believe in failure? Exclusion? Discrimination? or anything that could turns the day? How quickly do you fall? and how quickly you get recovered? The most asked question by a person of all ages is ‘how to encounter problem?’ Primarily, problem would be a part of our life, doesn’t matter who you are even if you were an angel. We aren’t perfect, obviously. We always work hard to be perfectionist, Unlikely. In a nutshell, we aren’t that perfect to be perfectionist. One thing I’ve learned, being imperfect is a beauty of life.

Failure is a bitch, it’s hurting. Who doesn’t? But this isn’t the end of the life. It’s only February 2012.

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