Thursday, September 13, 2012

Having Why in Why !

Oh my poor, neglected blog. I had nearly forgotten that you exist.

It's extremely an ages since my last post. Why? Blogging seems outdated. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are sensations, trending worldwide. Plus they are easy access through mobile. Google Inc should consider venturing blog into smart phone so that blogger who rarely updated their blog like me would be motivated enough to write. Nah, don’t bother. Why? Pepatah Melayu cakap “nak seribu daya, tak nak seribu dalih” (if malay not your native language please google the meaning. It would be a greatest achievement in malay literature if you could find one)

This html address used to be my life, my soul and my love as I never have the real ones in the form of human. Why? It’s a long story. You probably need to scroll down this site to treasure back the story but I wouldn’t suggest to do so. Why?  I don’t have much interesting life as you did.

I rarely blogging. Why? I have twitter to express my instant emotion,  Instagram to upload a bunch of pictures and Facebook have it all. Then why I still need to create a summary of my life in here. Blogging is like a summary, a sum of our life. Why? I usually need a one whole day for every piece of words here and things seems easier in those 3 apps as stated above.

Anyway, history repeats itself. Why? As I get much bored to update my blog, I felt the same way to those 3 apps, surprisingly. Why?

Twitter = Ahli Falsafah wannabe
Instagram = Supermodel wannabe
Facebook = Celebrity wannabe (Ahli Falsafah wannabe + Supermodel wannabe)

By the way, I cannot say much, why?  I’m part of this.