Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011, you surely will be missed ! Welcome 2012 !

It was 365 days since I had last posted my 2011 New Year resolutions. Well, here I am. I’m writing this in my room on the 365th day of 2011. It’s rather peaceful here, now the sound of air cooler and keypad have been my accompanied with an effort to create a last few words for 2011.

Should I be honest when it comes to New Year resolutions? I’ve learned that it’s not good to talk about people behind their back and it isn’t good either to pretend to be good in front of them. The term would be a good guidance, clearly, but why? We ought to be honest to ourselves! Honesty is always the best policy.
Honestly, my 2012 resolution is not to make any resolutions. I had enough for this brand new year although I believe is good to plan.

What I want the most in this brand new year is to live my life (full stop). When you’d plan something for a specific period you tend to be a high dreamer. If you failed, it hurts. I know we should see a positive part of failure. We are hoping the best for a brand new year. Sounds great because that’s what everyone wants for New Year.

2011 will be wrapped in few hours and a new chapter will be unwrapped in few hours too!

Happy 2012 everyone, Good Bye 2011, you surely will be missed.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nothing Really Matters

I had a conversation with a lady from a country which has English as a formal language. I have no issue with her notorious weird of attitude, nothing really matters for me. I understand her miserable journey of life which required her to struggle to the max. I completely understand.

Nevertheless, when she started to aggravated on the way Malaysian speaks English, really pissed me off! She needs to comprehend the fact that English is not a formal language of Malaysia although that’s a magnified number of Malaysian who practiced English. To add into the bargain, English definitely not Malaysian’s mother of tongue and is not a formal native language.

Her superciliousness has made me realized that do not believing and assuming anything before proudly come out with the solution. I always positive when it comes to English as I realize that I do have Malaysian accent and influence in terms of writing or talking, because I’m Malaysian, nothing really matters.

Well, English is her medium but English is not her mother of tongue. I feel very sick of her dialect but my Malaysian ethics has taught me not to aggravate others. Nothing really matters for me!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

3rd Class Coach from Bangkok to Pattaya

How do you define challenge ? A series of pictures as uploaded below wouldn't be a good idea for those who are being so cocky in life. Who dares to experience 5 hours journey to Pattaya from Bangkok by a 3rd class coach ? No air-conditioned, wide-open window, 90degrees seat ! It costs only RM3 (30baht) so don't shout too much, the experience is priceless.

Bangkok Railway Station

leaving Bangkok now !

Kids, they even use this train to go to school,just like a daily bus
Inside the train

5 hours journey !

candid of Thai Muslims people ! 

One of the station !

Moving Market !

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Brand New !

It didn’t look so bad from my point of view, transmitting from my previous blog to the new space here. In life we do need some changes doesn’t matter if bunch of people are against it. When I go through my previous posts, I stifled for a couple of minutes. Grammatically errors are here and there (laugh)! But creating a blog or so called e-diary has taught me a lot. I’ve learned millions of skills and methods on how to express my journey of life and also still learning on how to compose the best within my capabilities. 

Creating a new blog doesn’t mean that I feel embarrass of my previous blog. I’ve grown up and I should see any negative comments and feedbacks as an opportunity in order to improve my writing and my life indirectly. Although it hurts, but I should be grateful because there’s someone out there who pay a little concerned on that. 

I promise to myself that I should limit compliments and try to accept criticism! Learn from mistakes! 

This piece of art would be my new direction and my motivation to carry myself. Thank You for those who are with me.