Tuesday, December 20, 2011

3rd Class Coach from Bangkok to Pattaya

How do you define challenge ? A series of pictures as uploaded below wouldn't be a good idea for those who are being so cocky in life. Who dares to experience 5 hours journey to Pattaya from Bangkok by a 3rd class coach ? No air-conditioned, wide-open window, 90degrees seat ! It costs only RM3 (30baht) so don't shout too much, the experience is priceless.

Bangkok Railway Station

leaving Bangkok now !

Kids, they even use this train to go to school,just like a daily bus
Inside the train

5 hours journey !

candid of Thai Muslims people ! 

One of the station !

Moving Market !

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FaizalSulaiman said...

finally, a pop up comment!!

I would like to experiencing this!

tqvm for the info dude!!