Sunday, December 18, 2011

Brand New !

It didn’t look so bad from my point of view, transmitting from my previous blog to the new space here. In life we do need some changes doesn’t matter if bunch of people are against it. When I go through my previous posts, I stifled for a couple of minutes. Grammatically errors are here and there (laugh)! But creating a blog or so called e-diary has taught me a lot. I’ve learned millions of skills and methods on how to express my journey of life and also still learning on how to compose the best within my capabilities. 

Creating a new blog doesn’t mean that I feel embarrass of my previous blog. I’ve grown up and I should see any negative comments and feedbacks as an opportunity in order to improve my writing and my life indirectly. Although it hurts, but I should be grateful because there’s someone out there who pay a little concerned on that. 

I promise to myself that I should limit compliments and try to accept criticism! Learn from mistakes! 

This piece of art would be my new direction and my motivation to carry myself. Thank You for those who are with me.


FaizalSulaiman said...

whooaaa dot com meh?hehe congrats!

keep blogging bro!

F@iz said...

new blog eh
go ahead!