Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The worst lie ever !

Last weekend, I had a conversation with my childhood friend who has been disappeared from my life for about 7 years. She’s a good looking girl probably the prettiest girl in Subang, educated, attractive but unfortunately still single.

She told me 4 months ago she met a guy in her social media account. It doesn't make any sense as the matter of fact that social media could turned her life, but it happened! She admitted that she don’t particularly date the guy but day by day, week by week she realized that she felt over him. Apparently, it didn't come to her knowledge about the guy’s background and everything seems so perfect until she crossed the line.

Finally, the alarm ring! 

The guy told her that he was attached to someone! 

She lost her mind as she realized that the whole idea of meeting him is a crapped and yeah, the guy doesn't have any feeling towards her. Perfect nightmare!

She admitted that she was too young and immature of letting her heart fell for someone.

Social media is freaking crapped. We agreed!

She moved on now, stronger and hotter. I believe one of the hottest chicks I've ever seen in Subang.

I told her that you deserve someone better out there. 

and my cliche motivational words, ‘Love is unpredictable’ but she told me that's the worst lie ever !

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

September 2014

Basically, we travel our journey of time when we have nothing to do. Sitting by the window with a cup of coffee and a book in our hand and when the coffee gets cold, we find ourselves in the past, thinking of how it could lead to this, here and now.

I am here for a reason as I’m very much ignorance to this space. These days, I don’t seems to focus on my journey of life which well written in the past. I have everything on the tracked, Alhamdulillah. I reminisced the good times I had when nobody’s bothering my heart. The time when I met so many rock stars in the outer space and leading me to happiness.

Let’s travel to the time when being alone was fun, when there were no self-emotional involved. Maybe there were but I was just too drugged up to my own life and I couldn't remember it at all. The only thing I could think on that period is to list down my travel wish list and get the best out of it. I remember going to office to finish my daily task, to gym when time and self-energy permitted and spending time with a bunch of buddies on weekend. I usually will spend my quality time with my parent right after I reach home after working hours. I am happily attached to them since I was little and the quick catching-up session on daily basis would be the only moment that I could give as a son. Natural love, effortless. It just fell into place.

Day by day, night by night I realized that the patterns are there to be broken without having a proper preparation. Little did I know that I never really wanted what I wanted. I don’t mean I wanna it to be that way but I just want everything to be as it was.

But something happened and yes, it mattered.

I never hesitated to follow where exactly my heart is heading to as I will make and run my decision from what I see on the obvious.

I’ve written many times about my struggles in life and how many things that have happened to me. I have gone back and read some of my older blogs and I have seen my growth.

This time I should treasure what life is all about.

That was it.

Over all, this year is looking very promising for me and I can’t wait to spend the rest of the year and the years to come with more travel plan. Amin