Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The worst lie ever !

Last weekend, I had a conversation with my childhood friend who has been disappeared from my life for about 7 years. She’s a good looking girl probably the prettiest girl in Subang, educated, attractive but unfortunately still single.

She told me 4 months ago she met a guy in her social media account. It doesn't make any sense as the matter of fact that social media could turned her life, but it happened! She admitted that she don’t particularly date the guy but day by day, week by week she realized that she felt over him. Apparently, it didn't come to her knowledge about the guy’s background and everything seems so perfect until she crossed the line.

Finally, the alarm ring! 

The guy told her that he was attached to someone! 

She lost her mind as she realized that the whole idea of meeting him is a crapped and yeah, the guy doesn't have any feeling towards her. Perfect nightmare!

She admitted that she was too young and immature of letting her heart fell for someone.

Social media is freaking crapped. We agreed!

She moved on now, stronger and hotter. I believe one of the hottest chicks I've ever seen in Subang.

I told her that you deserve someone better out there. 

and my cliche motivational words, ‘Love is unpredictable’ but she told me that's the worst lie ever !

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