Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nothing Really Matters

I had a conversation with a lady from a country which has English as a formal language. I have no issue with her notorious weird of attitude, nothing really matters for me. I understand her miserable journey of life which required her to struggle to the max. I completely understand.

Nevertheless, when she started to aggravated on the way Malaysian speaks English, really pissed me off! She needs to comprehend the fact that English is not a formal language of Malaysia although that’s a magnified number of Malaysian who practiced English. To add into the bargain, English definitely not Malaysian’s mother of tongue and is not a formal native language.

Her superciliousness has made me realized that do not believing and assuming anything before proudly come out with the solution. I always positive when it comes to English as I realize that I do have Malaysian accent and influence in terms of writing or talking, because I’m Malaysian, nothing really matters.

Well, English is her medium but English is not her mother of tongue. I feel very sick of her dialect but my Malaysian ethics has taught me not to aggravate others. Nothing really matters for me!

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FaizalSulaiman said...

luckily i'm practicing english quite fine now.Few of my students too cos I always said..nanti kat front line takkan awak nak speaking malay?

IMHO, english is kinda important nowadays, really.