Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Weekend Conversation

Weekend conversation with a friend of mine:

F: How's ya weekend?
Me : Nothing much, head to the city. Catch latest movie alone and photographed things around.

F: There's probably a much!
Me : *Goofy Emoji* and yours?

F: Went out of the city and had a coconut milkshake. We had fun!
Me : Who's "we"?
F: Why?
Me : I know you feel like you finally belong, but that isn't the point.You won't be there long!

F: What do you mean?
Me : Wait, so who's that we exactly?
F: I'm waiting something interesting to happen.
Me : This is your problem, that you should solve! (considering the fact that he dated so many people in the past)

F : Well, I guess I'm doing better than you.
Me : What's about me?
F : Waiting something to be happened, at least I'm find my way to it.
Me : another *Goofy Emoji*

F : So you messed up, still messed up.
Me : It's a little bit bigger than messing up.
F : Then what? Then whatever blew up these entire months? There's always a bad story in relationship.
Me : I wasn't in relationship!

F : And the worst is, you're so eager to belong, you even forget why you're here.
Me : I knew that person would come, but I swear I didn't know so soon.